Central Wisconsin Winter 2017

Rib Mountain and Surroundings

Having completely switched my life from one of global travels to settling down in a small community in the upper Mid West USA, I had an opportunity to reflect on the changes this Saturday afternoon.

Wow!! -10F sure feels cold!! I have lived in cold weather before but being in the cold weather for an extended period of time sure has its effects. After the initial euphoria of snow, bitter cold and the beauty of sunshine in the snow, it dawns on you that you are getting more lethargic than usual:-). Then, in typical local fashion, you buy yourself tons of thermal tops and bottoms and jackets, beanies and gloves and brave the cold.

That’s when it hits you – this takes time. The blood needs to get thicker. The locals have it all figured out- the timing, the clothes, when the pond freezes, when you put on the skates and skate around the local pond.

People here are wonderful. It is a small community and everyone tells me – the new local ‘guy’ what to do. You buy the proper insulated Sorel shoes, wool underwear , ski pants and thermal jackets and hand warmers – the world is suddenly warm and the snow looks beautiful even with the bitter cold and you being in it:-) Its all in the clothes and mind – the locals tell me!! Easier said than done. But I am making headway in adjusting for sure.

The air is fresh and clean – absolutely!! I have never felt anything like this. The skiing is phenomenal. The warm toddy and the hot chocolate feel ever better than before. There are still about 6 -8 weeks of winter to go but I think I am there – getting to be a local central Wisconsinite:-)!! I am glad I am cherishing this part of my life in a good community with warm hearted , hard working wonderful folks who teach you how to brave the cold.

Attached are pictures around Rib Mountain , Lake Dubay which was partially frozen and me learning how to ski!! What a planet!!! Come and enjoy or cherish the planet through these pictures if you are not for the cold:-)! No worries!!WP_20171216_19_58_17_Rich



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