Bodensee- Germany

Lake Konstanz – Radolfzell


My trips to this Southern region in Germany started in March 2016 and I have been incredibly drawn to it ever since. Even though getting there for work for short hectic durations is intense, the natural beauty of the region relaxes and takes one’s breath away. Flying into Munich and taking the trains to Ulm and then Radolfzell is a joy for all train and nature lovers. One travels around tracks around Lake Konstanz and passes through many charming German towns rich in history.

Lake Constance is the 3rd largest lake in Europe. It is divided into Obersee, Uberlinger See and Untersee. The lake has about 236 inlets while nearly 2/3rds of its water is accounted for by the Rhine alone. While the lake has a rich history from Bregenz all the way up to Ludwigshafen and around into the city of Konstanz and into Radolfzell, this blogs focus is on the Radolfzell and Konstanz travels of mine.


Taking the train from Munich Hbf into Ulm is about 2 hours . Following a change of train on the fantastic DB system, one takes a slower train to get to Radolfzell. For someone who enjoys our beautiful planet, this is a wonderful journey highlighting German life of neatly arranged towns, joyous children going to school, the amazing WW2 Zeppelin factories and much more.

Once you walk out of the train at the Radolfzell station, you can see the beauty of the lake and the romantic little town of about 27,000 inhabitants. Radolfzell was built as a retreat by Bishop Radolf of Verona in 826. It is famous for its Moos water procession and the farmers market.

Attached are some pics of Radolfzell near the Lake and the main town street. Dinner at the Grandma’s restaurant is highly recommended. The owner is very friendly and provides great insight into the culinary history of the region and his roots. Of course, beer by the lake with friends is a must!! While at Radolfzell, staying at the Schmiede is recommended. The owner Christian is very friendly and provides great insight into life and activities around besides a super breakfast to kick off your day!


From Radolfzell, a visit to the town of Constance is a must. It is a town about 20 minutes by train from Radolfzell. The world once looked to Constance as a center of power between 1414 and 1418 when it served as the location for the Council. Also, during WW2, its vicinity to neighboring Switzerland proved to be a blessing. The residents did not black out their town and hence were spared air raids since they were thought to be Switzerland.

The Council made the town famous and visitors are reminded of this by the statue of Imperia which is a Peter Lenk sculpture. She is reportedly one of the seven hundred whores who was in Constance during the rough and tumble years of the election of the Pope!! She has the naked king in one hand and a naked pope in the other symbolizing ‘true power’!!

Must See in Constance
  • The Konzil at the port where the cardinals elected the new pope in 1417
  • The Neo Gothic minister tower
  • First Guild House
  • The Malhaus with its blue windows where there has been a chemist for 600 years
  • Rheintortum – which used to protect the town
  • Jugendstil facades around Seestrasse
  • Sea Life center which protects aqua life in the region

While this blog is a brief insight into 2 towns  from my joyous visits around the Bodensee region, I hope it encourages folks to enjoy the nature and regional markets here and appreciate the rich history  and people of the region. I hope to be able to continue to visit the region and learn more about our history as humans and the influence of the Lake on human culture and history.



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